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We have been selling Wooden Toys for 10 years from our base in North Lancashire. Our warehouse is full of products from BRIO, HAPE, Le VAN TOYS,JANOD, HABA, QUADRILLA, BABYDAN and many more.

Why wooden toys? Today, wooden toys continue to be sought after and have evolved into numerous exciting playthings like dolls houses,  toy kitchens, ride-ons and educational games. Their potential is endless guaranteeing endless hours of fun for toddlers and older children, not to mention a 'blast from the past' for parents.  Wooden activity centres are the perfect product for a smaller child to begin their learning adventure. Shape sorting, magnetic blackboards, percussion music, lacing and buckles will keep them occupied for hours at a time. 

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BRIO Safari Crossing | 33721
BRIO Safari Crossing

Wooden Toys

Because boys and girls love imaginative play, wooden toys such as railway sets are ideal to get the cogs turning. A child can get lost in whatever adventure they choose to undertake and can be enjoyed again and again even as they get older. In contrast to the railway, road systems can be built with petrol stations, repair stations and rescue centres as additional extras.  Playing with any of these toys means a child can 'act out' real life situations, applying their ideals and values during the game. They can create fun scenarios and solve problems as they go along whilst growing in confidence.  Looking at the educational aspects of these toys, many positives are offered.

By playing with toys a child is learning to express themselves. Through guided play, a little one will learn what is acceptable whilst growing in confidence. They will recognise colours, numbers and textures with repeated use, and develop fine motor skills with practise. Everything they learn throughout an activity is then applied to the many experiences encountered.  Here at Wooden Toy Store we have a wide variety of popular toys to choose from which we know babys and children love.