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Safety Gates and Configurable Gate Barriers

It is really important to know where your baby or toddler is during every minute of every day. The first six months of their life you can be fairly certain that they’ll be in the same place that you left them. Lying on a baby mat with various mobiles or toys within reach will keep them content. This will change from the minute they can sit up on their own. From that point onwards your baby needs to be in a secure environment that is totally safe for them.  

We stock a wonderful range of safety enclosures from BabyDan. The really clever part about these baby gates is that they can be fitted across any awkward shaped entrances to rooms and can even be used to section off part of a room - perfect for letting you get on with the cooking while your child remains safe.

Several gates or sections can be fastened together to keep the little people exactly where you want them. It is even possible to create a safe area away from a wood burning stove or open fire by using several panels in a configuration to ensure that no-one can get burnt.