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BRIO Builder 34586 Tool Box and Starter set 34586 | 34586

Great wood and plastic product. A child can build anything with a little imagination. A good starter set for the Brio Builder range. Carry around tool box
Teaches the use of tools (spanner and pliers)
Contains wheels and winding handle.
play pieces 48.
Age 3+

BRIO Builder 34587 Construction Set 34587

Components and tools to build all your own designs. hammer and screwdriver included.A good hand eye coordination practice set. 135 play pieces.
AGE:3+ years

Brio Builder Activity Set 34588

With these nuts, bolts, hammer, screwdriver and these ingenious components ideas become constructions.
211 pieces included
AGE 3+.

Brio Builder Creative Set 34589

This Creative Set of components and tools will fire the imagination.Set includes 270 pieces.
AGE:3+ years

BRIO Builder Deluxe Set 34590 with storage Case

BRIO Builder Deluxe Set

Let’s build your wildest dreams today with the builder deluxe set! A strange animal or a robot that just landed on planet Earth. The sky’s the limit with this BRIO construction set. Includes a big selection of wooden and plastic components and four different tools for free play. Also includes eye graphics to enable character play.

Includes storage case.

Art#: 34590

Name: BRIO Builder Deluxe Set

BRIO BUILDER SYSTEM - Deluxe Space Set Builder 34567 | 34567
Sorry, we are out of stock

There are Space Rocket,capsule,loading crane, transport truck and helicopter all to build with this Delux Set. Wrench tool,pliers and instruction booklet included.
AGE5+ years