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Ready for a day on the farm?

From wooden tractors and farm buildings to horses, cows and sheep as well as hay bale loaders and harvesters the BRIO Farm theme has everything you need for a day on the farm. Our farm even has its own train track!

And if you love horse riding then we have all the kit you'll need to play with your very own wooden pony, from jumps to a stable to keep them nice and warm.

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BRIO ATV with Load | 33798

Jump up in your four-wheeler and take a ride to check the loading of lumber at the lumber station. Put the wooden magnetic box with replanting equipment on the back of the four-wheeler and go out in the forest to plant new trees. That is the way to take care of nature.Size: 15.3 x 4 x 13.3 cm
Recommended age: 3 Years

BRIO Cow & Wagon 33406 | 33406

Add a farm to your railway system and this will make a great extra
Age 3+ yrs

BRIO Hay Wagon 33565 | 33565

The animals need more hay at the farm and this is the perfect way to get it to them. Transport the hay load inside the train wagon. Attach to any Brio engine. Includes a magnetic hay load. Age 3+ Years

BRIO Horse and Rider 33793 | 33793

This girl figure fits onto the horse once the blanket is removedAGE:3+ years

BRIO Series 1 Figure Play Packs BRIO People 33829 | 33829

Who do you want to be? The train driver, the circus manager, the road worker or someone else? Bring them all into your BRIO world. You can collect them all, and perhaps change figures with your friends. Every play figure brings a wooden accessory into the play.

There are 6 characters in this series.
Red, Circus Ring Master.
Grey, Worker.
Purple, School Crossing Attendant.
Green, Doctor.
Blue, Train/Tram Driver.
Orange, Road Worker.

The price is for the whole set of 6 figures.

Size: 10 x 3 x 15 cm Recommended age: 3 Years

Brio Farm Railway Set 33719 | 33719

The BRIO Farm Railway Set has a single loop track and a double height barn for hay storage ready for the winter months. The crane slides out of hay loft to load bales onto the wagon or trailer for farmer to transport around the farm by rail or tractor.

BRIO Farm Set 30398 | 30398

A farmer has a lot to do, feeding the animals and mending the fences. Luckily, our farmer has a bucket and a wheel barrow, so you can help him. The animals like being outside, but when it's bedtime you have to take them inside the barn and close the doors. Includes 1x Barn, 1x Wheelbarrow, 1x Hay Bale, 1x Cow, 1x Horse, 1x Bucket, 1x Spade, 4x Fences. The Item measures 30.5 x 16.3 x 19.5cm. Suitable for ages 18 Months and up. Manufactured to BRIO's high standards and from FSC Certified wood

BRIO Farm Set Accessories 30399 | 30399

Give the sheep food to eat from the bucket and put the fence up so she doesn't run away. There is a lot of work at the farm, help the farmer with his daily work. Includes 1x Sheep, 1x Figure, 1x Bucket, 1x fence piece. Suitable for ages 18 Months and up. Manufactured to BRIO's high standards and from FSC Certified wood

BRIO Farm Train 33404 | 33404
We're sorry we are out of stock but have an order coming in soon

A modern freight engine and two cattle wagons containing a cow and a horse. Items are made from a combination of wood and plastic.
Age 3+ years

BRIO Horse & Wagon | 33794

The horse and wagon has 5 items in the pack. The boy can sit in the wagon or on the horse when horse blanket is removed.
AGE:3+ years

BRIO Horse Stable | 33791

The big hinged stable opens up to make access to stalls,feeding area and hay loft. comes with wheelbarrow,hay bale,horse and figure.Railway connection is on one side.
AGE:3+ years

BRIO Horse Training Pack | 33795

With their matching outfits,this team is ready for practice. The obstacles have loose wooden poles,and the horse blanket is removable.

BRIO Little Forest Starter Set 33042 | 33042

Great value starter set including engine, timber wagon and two trees, all on an oval track. Layout size 360mm x 260mm

Age 3+ yrs

BRIO Tractor with Load | 33799

Someone has to do the heavy work. Use your tractor to load timber and take it to the lumber station. Unload and go back to the forest. There is more to be loaded and they need your strong tractor for the job.
Size: 22.3 x 4 x 13.3 cm
Recommended age: 3 Years

BRIO Sawmill Playset 33774

Slide the wood straight into the truck and take it to the sawmill.
Includes 1x Playet, 1x Figure, 1x Lorry, 1x Load
The item measures 20.5 x 12.8 x 12cm
Suitable for ages 3 Years and up
Manufactured to BRIO's high standards and from FSC Certified wood


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