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BRIO Light Signal 33743 | 33743

suits all rail and road layouts,light changes with the touch of a button,battery included.

BRIO Series 1 Figure Play Packs BRIO People 33829 | 33829

Who do you want to be? The train driver, the circus manager, the road worker or someone else? Bring them all into your BRIO world. You can collect them all, and perhaps change figures with your friends. Every play figure brings a wooden accessory into the play.

There are 6 characters in this series.
Red, Circus Ring Master.
Grey, Worker.
Purple, School Crossing Attendant.
Green, Doctor.
Blue, Train/Tram Driver.
Orange, Road Worker.

The price is for the whole set of 6 figures.

Size: 10 x 3 x 15 cm Recommended age: 3 Years

BRIO - Rail and Road Loading Set 33210 | 33210

Lift and load! This rail and road loading set is packed with lots of play, including two trucks and a train pulling a crane wagon that can lift loads on and off the track. Take the rock loads off the train and load them onto the trucks for safe road transportation to the end destination.BRIO pays attention to every detail through the design process and has always been dedicated to creating products that add extra play value, encourage learning and develop fine motor skills.

BRIO 33204 Parking Garage 33204 7 Pieces | 33204

Bring the world of rail and road toys together in this unique toy parking garage with multiple levels of fun! Drive to the top and park, take the chute down, fuel up on level 1 or place the car on the ramp on level 2, press the button and see how the car falls into place on the car transporter wagon below on the railway track. This is an educational wooden toy that connects to all railway and roadway in the BRIO system.

Art#: 33204

7 Pieces (1 x Parking Garage, 2 x Car, 1 x Trailer, 2 x Track, 1 x Track Connector)
AGE:3+ years

BRIO 33744 Road Expansion Pack | 0

Two straight, Two curved and Two ramps, making a new extension to the rail network! It can all be connected with a road rail crossing (33207)sold separately.

BRIO Battery-Operated Action Train 33319 | 33319

Battery Operated Action Train

If you’re looking for a new set of wheels for your BRIO train track, you’re in the right place. This battery operated action train set is extra fun with a moving coal wagon and a rotating cement mixer as well as headlights that light up on the engine.

Battery operated train set with BRIO's popular two-way battery-powered engine. The coal wagon rocks and the cement wagon spins around as the engine pulls the train along! Train is connected by magnetic couplings.
Engine requires 1 x AAA battery (not included)
Length 222 mm

Age 3+ years

Art#: 33319

BRIO Magnetic Action Crossing 33750 | 33750

Stops the road traffic while the train passes though. Barriers lower automatically - one by one - by the passing train. Activated by hand or by magnets. Press the button to lift the barrier.

BRIO Rail & Road Crane Set 33208 33208 | 33208

Rail & Road Crane Set from BRIO (33208). You can always trust this strong mechanical crane to do its job. It will unload the heavy cargo from the train when it arrives and put it onto the back of the BRIO truck. The train hauls the goods into town on the rail tracks and the truck drives the goods to its final destination by road. Perfect team work! Suitable Age: 3 + years

BRIO Rail & Road Travel Set 33209 | 33209

Rail & Road Travel Set from BRIO (33209). Here comes the passenger train! The two-wagon train is ready to take the passengers around this magnificent BRIO train world. Look out the window and see the cars stopping at the road crossing along the tracks. Lucky that the train arrives on time, some passengers need to switch over and catch the bus! Age 3+ Years
Box contains:
1 x Bus/train station, 2 x Level crossings, 6 x Pieces of long curved track, 4 x Pieces of short curved track, 2 x Pieces of long straight track, 1 x Piece of short straight track, 5 x Pieces of road, 2 x Off road ramps, 2 x Travel train engines, 1 x Travel train carriage, 3 x Play figures, 1 x Car, 1 x Bus, 1 x Suitcase, and 1 x Sign post.

BRIO 2017 Silver Race Car Special Edition 30344

This superb classic push along speedster sets the pace. Young children love pretend play, and these race cars are ideal to push along the floor, through the air and down bannisters, as they let their imagination take the wheel. The wheels roll along as the car is pushed and it is shaped perfectly for little hands. The item measures 13.3 x 8.5 x 5.6cm. Suitable for ages 12 months and up. Manufactured to BRIO's high standards and from FSC Certified wood

BRIO Crossing Signal 33862

Warning – a train about to pass by! Push the button on the railway crossing sign to start the red blinking light and let the train pass safely. Well done! A great complement to the BRIO Light Signal. Includes 1x Crossing Signal. The item measures 4.6 x 4.2 x 13.2cm. Suitable for ages 3 Years and up. Manufactured to BRIO's high standards and from high quality plastic.
2x LR44 Batteries included.

BRIO Magnetic Signal   33868

BRIO semaphore magnetic signal really does the job. Every time you push the train passed, the signal changes from red to green. Is it safe to pass or can you do another round circuit. Oh look, it’s changing again! Includes 1x Magnetic Signal. The item measures 8.2 x 7.1 x 8.5cm. Suitable for ages 3 Years and up. Manufactured to BRIO's high standards and from high quality plastic

BRIO Police Motorcycle 33861

The police motorbike cuts easily through the traffic. You’re the fastest police driver around, and you stop to help wherever you’re needed. Here, for example, at the school: use the traffic sign to let the children cross the street. All set? Hop back on the bike and race to the next job! Includes 1x Police Figure, 1x Motorbike, 1x Stop Sign. The item measures 7.3 x 3.3 x 7.6cm. Suitable for ages 3 Years and up. Manufactured to BRIO's high standards and from FSC Certified wood

BRIO Traffic Sign Kit 33864

On your way to work? Put the soft plastic traffic signs along the road and get going. While you’re at it, don’t forget to use the semaphore and shift from red to green so that the train can pass. These BRIO traffic signs will guide you anywhere! Include 1x Signal, 1x Clock, 3x Signs. Suitable for ages 3 Years and up. Manufactured to BRIO's high standards and from high quality plastic