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BRIO Shape Sorter Set 30173 | 30173

Hm, let´s see. If you put the fully shaped wooden cylinder in one of the tubes, how shall you then place the other pieces in the two other tubes? Why not build a colourful tower and then start all over again by putting all the pieces together in another way. Educational toy developing motoric skills and logical thinking. Playful thinking.Size: 14 x 8 x 14 cm Recommended age: 12 Months

BRIO 30177 Shape Puzzle 30177 | 30177

The BRIO Shape Puzzle is a clean and simple wooden spinning puzzle in the form of a hardback book. Spin the 4 triangular blocks so that the shapes and colours match on all 4 faces. One of three BRIO early learning 'books' that helps develop motor skills, colour and shape recognition and numeracy.

BRIO Builder 34586 Tool Box and Starter set 34586 | 34586

Great wood and plastic product. A child can build anything with a little imagination. A good starter set for the Brio Builder range. Carry around tool box
Teaches the use of tools (spanner and pliers)
Contains wheels and winding handle.
play pieces 48.
Age 3+

BRIO Builder 34587 Construction Set 34587

Components and tools to build all your own designs. hammer and screwdriver included.A good hand eye coordination practice set. 135 play pieces.
AGE:3+ years

BRIO Knock Out Bench 30515 | 30515

Well made colourful bench that allow a child to develop haneye co-ordination skills. Turn the bench over and start all over again Length: 25cm
Age 2+ yrs

BRIO Labyrinth 34000 | 34000

Rocking and rolling since 1946.Players of all Ages over 3 years are captivated by the original BRIO Labyrinth game. Use the handles to guide the steel ball through the maze. The closer you get to the goal the more points you score but move the board carefully or the ball may fall through a hole. The Labyrinth is perfect for developing motor skills; concentration; perception; reasoning and most of all patience! Age 6+ Years Size: 32 x 38 x 9cm

BRIO Magnetic Blocks 30123 | 30123

6 Blocks and 2 balls with built in magnets. Size 40mm blocks Age 12 mths+

BRIO Magnetic Stacking Boat 30135 | 30135

Simple and stylish design for the young 1 year old. Easy construction and colour recognition.
AGE: 12+ months

BRIO Magnetic Stacking Truck 30136 | 30136

Simple and stylish design for the young 1 year old. Both a construction toy and a vehicle to wheel around. Age 1 -2 years

BRIO Sorting Box 30148 | 30148

This classic wooden toy helps children in their recognition of shapes and colours. It also develops haneye coordination and concentration; while providing hours of rewarding fun. Age:12m+

BRIO Stacking Clown 30120 | 30120

This classic wooden toy takes cone sorting to another level where the body has a shape and certain pieces, such as the face, have a certain position Age 19 months Size: 230 mm tall

EverEarth - Wooden Stable Play Set With Accesories

Award Winner - 2009 Preferred Choice AwarStable Play Set With Accessories - This lovely stable set include 2 stable 2 poseable horses a wheelbarrow; water trough; and 1 sign. Age:36m+Dimensions: 23x22x18.5cmWeight: 1kg

HABA - Coloured Building Blocks 54pc 3551

This Haba building block set contains 54 blocks that are a range of colours; shapes and sizes. This set comes complete with a fabric bag that can be used for storage and transporting. Age: 1+

HABA - Fantasia 2286 | 2286

These colourful wooden shapes by HABA can be turned into cheeky chaps; pussy cats and much more! Each piece has a magnet so can be used to decorate fridges; memo boards and the play board that is included. Contents: 95 magnetic wooden shapes 1 play board.
Age: 3-6 Years
Size of play board: 25 x 25cm

HABA - My First Ball Track (basic pack) 8050 | 8050

The First Ball Track series of toys are designed for the younger child to have the same fun as the marble run but with larger balls. This model includes 1 ramp,6 curves,8 coloured connecting blocks, a little bell and 2 balls. Made from Beech wood and Birchwood.

Hape  E1011 Art Paper Roll E1011 | 3+Years

Paper Roll to fit onto Art Easel (sold separately)
Size 38cm x 20m
AGE:3+ years

Hape  E3714 Play and Stow Activity Table E3714 | 3+Years

A good sized table to keep toys of the floor and make play time more interesting,a generous size 800 x 600 x 400 mm
AGE 3+ years

HAPE 30pc Blocks E0439,Limited Edition 30 Years Anniversary

For this set of blocks Hape is donating a toy to a child in need in Afghanistan-Syria-Nepal-China-Zimbabwe
Type in the serial number on one block at hape.com and you will see where the toys you have sponsored had made someone happy.
Anniversary Blocks
30 Solid geometrical wooden blocks made from solid beechwood
AGE1+ years

HAPE A B C Blocks E0419

26 wooden blocks with,letters, pictures and numbers.
Made from quality replenishable wood and painted with water based paints.
Size: 35mm cubes
Age: from 24 months

Hape ABC Magnetic Letters E1047
We're sorry we are out of stock but have an order coming in soon

Letters in capitals and lower case are multi colored to help with recognizing and memorizing the alphabet.All are magnetic.
52 pcs
AGE:3+ years

HAPE All-in-1 Easel E1010

Double-sided easel with magnetic white board on one side, chalk board on the other.
Includes easel, 3 paint pots and replaceable paper roll
Helps develop creativity and your little one's inner artist
Made with a commitment to sustainability, compliant with international safety and quality standards.

Hape Bead Do E6310
Sorry, we are out of stock

Fill the transparent board with the colourful beads to create a picture
AGE 4+ years

HAPE Colour Croquet E4302 | from 3 years

This award winning game is not only great fun but also promotes manual dexterity and makes counting fun.
Set up a maze of colourful tunnels. Use the mallet to tap the ball through each one.

Count how many times it takes to tap the ball through each tunnel.

Start with the tunnels close and then move further away as you improve.
Add a learning element and count how many times you have to hit the ball to get it through the tunnels
Helps develop hand-eye coordination, dexterity and spatial awareness
Made with a commitment to sustainability; compliant with international safety and quality standards

8 Pieces.

AGE:3+ Years

Hape Combino E6313(damaged Box was£13.14)

Only the box is damaged.Use the transparent image overlays to complete the game board pictures.
AGE 4+ years

Hape Cross Out E6308

Name the items that belong together and "X" out the odd item.16 pcs
AGE 4+ years

Hape E0409 Maple Block Set E0409

Classic coloured shapes give hours of fun and fire the imagination. Maple wood has been used and all comes in a cotton bag. 50 PCS
AGE12+ months

HAPE E0412 Rainbow Bead Abacus E0412 | 18 months

Hape's wooden Rainbow Bead Abacus has 10 rows of 10 beads in 5 different colours - a tried and tested introduction to numeracy the colourful way!
AGE:18+ months

HAPE E0423 Balance Boat E0423 | 2-3 years

Hape's Balance Boat is a fun, wooden ssaw toy that introduces the concepts of quantities, weight and balance. Children have to stack the sailors to balance the boat - can you stack them without tipping the boat.
AGE:2+ years

HAPE E1002 Alphabet Blocks Abacus E1002 | 18 months

Hape's wooden Alphabet blocks Abacus has 6 rows of 6 blocks in different colors including 1-10 number blocks.There are pictures,letters and numbers on relevant blocks
AGE:3+ years

HAPE- E1019 String along Shapes E1019 | 3+ years

Lots of colourful shapes to string together or to pile on top of one another. This brings colour and counting,also hand eye cordination into play mode.
AGE:3+ years

HAPE E1042 Dynamo Dominoes E1042 | 36 months

Dominoes are always a favourite along with the added assorted tricks,bridge,bell and rails,hours of fun!
107 pcs
AGE:3+ Years

HAPE E1052 Dynamo Dominoes,Limited Edition,30 yearsAnniversary | 3+ Years

Limited Edition,30 years Anniversary Dominoes are always a favorite along with the added assorted tricks,bridge,bell and rails,hours of fun!
107 pcs
AGE:3+ Years

HAPE E1500 Numbers Matching Puzzle E1500 | 36 months

Hape Numbers Matching Puzzle has 1-10 solid wood colourful numbers with 1-10 objects to count and match up when revealed beneath. Finger-sized pegs help make light work of learning new puzzling skills.
AGE:3+ years

HAPE E1502 Alphabet Puzzle E1502 | 36 months
Sorry, we are out of stock

Hape Alphabet Puzzle is a solid wood puzzle with colourful block letters that stand alone. 26 sturdy wooden letters help children practice their ABCs and form simple words.
AGE:3+ years

HAPE E1504 Numbers Puzzle E1504 | 3-5 years
Sorry, we are out of stock

Hape's numbers puzzle.Adding subtracting,matching colours and all in wood.
AGE:3+ years

HAPE E1600 Happy Hour Clock E1600 | 36 months

Hape Happy Hour Clock helps children learn to tell the time. Time after time, children will use this multi-tasking wooden clock puzzle to practice hours and minutes, as well as numbers and colours.
AGE:3+ years

Hape Happy Snail Paint and Frame E5112

Precut wooden pieces, six colours of paint, and a string frame let you create a piece of art you can display.

Help your child plan a design before beginning to paint.

AGE 4+ years

Hape King of the Jungle Sand Art - E5116

Hape King of the Jungle Sand Art:
create your own masterpiece using 8 colours of sand and patterned base.

Help your child plan a design before adding the sand. It's easier to fill all of the spaces of the same colour at the same time. Pour sand in desired area. Spread it around and then shake off excess.

AGE 3+ years

HAPE Magnetic Animals 897786 | 897786

Magnetic geometric shapes can be arranged to create animal themed mosaics,the magnetic board has a carry handle with 37 shapes.
AGE:3+ years

Hape Resulta E6305

A triple matching game.Put the 3 playing caards in order and see how the end results are made.
24 pc
AGE 4+ years

Hape Roller Derby E0430

Colourful wooden balls,peek-a-boo holes and fast tracks create a 2-sided mountain of fun.
AGE 12+ months

Hape Scrible Maze E6311

Using the cup,guide the marble through the maze while avoiding the holes.
13 pc
AGE 3+ years

Hape Story Lines E6307

Arrange the cards to complete the story about cause and effect
27 pcs
AGE 4+ years

HAPE-Beaded Raindrops E0327
Sorry, we are out of stock

Hape Beaded Raindrops,made from a mixture of wood and plastic

HAPE-Colour swirl-a-top E1031
Sorry, we are out of stock

Watch the shapes and colours change as you swirl.Part of the Hape early explorer.

HAPE-Colourback Sea Turtle E1705

Hape wooden Sea Turtle with coloured balls and magnetic wand
provides stimulating and rewarding play for inquisitive little minds. This toy helps promote motor skills, haneye coordination, shape and colour recognition.

HAPE-Eye Spies E1003

Watch the shapes and colours change.Part of the Hape early explorer.

HAPE-Fish Bowl Fun E0429

Counting, colours, balance all to learn with this rocking maze.

HAPE-Lacing Vehicles E0905 | LacingToys

Lacing Toy for Boys

Matching Game Who Lives Where 7387

This Game of,matching,counting and animal recognition can all be used in this well thought out pack, contains: 1 elephant,1 giraffe, 1 zebra, 1 lion, 1 hippo, 1 monkey and 6 animal houses. The largest house is L 11.5 x W 12 x D 7.5 cm. The largest animal is the elephant, H 7.5 cm
AGE:18+ months

HAPE Art Studio E1009 | Art Studio

This desk top art board has white board one side and black board on the other. L45.7 X W3 X H48.4cm

AGE:3+ years


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