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HABA - Play Food BBQ Grill Set (Fabric) 3811

A selection of BBQ food

HABA - Play Food Crate with Fabric Fruit and Vegetables 3818

this wooden crate comes with Fabric Fruit and Vegetables

HABA - Play Food Doner Kebab (Fabric) 3812
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Amazingly detailed fabric playfood

HABA - Play Food Fried Egg 1528

This fabric egg is enclosed in a white shell(made from tinned metal). The frypan is not included.

HABA - Play Food Grilled Chicken (Fabric) 3822

Chicken portions come with the ability to stick together

HABA - Play Food Toast (Fabric) 1473
HAPE Chef's Choice E3110

Stock up your young chef's kitchen with some essential food items with this Chef's Choice set by Hape. It's preparation time! Slice up your loaf of bread on the chopping board with your wooden kitchen knife. Then, chop the veggies: a tomato, carrot, turnip, aubergine and mushrooms. Be sure to slice them right through - cutting the Velcro patches apart before you start cooking! Or maybe you just want to skip the preparation and eat the mini pizza, two slices of cheese and fried egg on toast.
AGE:3+ years

HAPE Crepes E3128
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These Crepes or Pancakes are ready to cook and fill with a selection of goodies.Great for role play, and creating imaginative play.
AGE:3+ Years

Hape Dessert Tower E3135 | 36 months

Any one for tea? Three tiers of delisious tea time treats. Height 19.6 cm.
AGE:3+ years

HAPE Double Flavored Birthday Cake E3140

It"s time for a birthday party; blow out the candles and have delicious strawberry and chocolate cake.
This double flavoured Birthday Cake with candles and cake slice will be the centre piece of any pretend birthday party !
23 pcs
AGE:3+ years

HAPE E3117 Fresh Fruit E3117 | 3-5 years

Hape Fresh Fruit set looks delicious and juicy! Slice through the Velcro with the wooden knife provided to reveal the seeds in the centre of the colourful wooden apple, pear, lemon, orange, banana or kiwi - they all look so appetising.HAPE use FSC accredited wood, carry out rigorous safety checks on every toy and promote fair and ethical working practices.
AGE:3+ years

HAPE Garden Salad E3116

Create a tasty dinner or side dish when you combine felt lettuce leaves with these vibrant wood vegetables from the Garden Salad set by Hape. Dress the salad with some vinegar and oil and a dash of pepper. Then grab the salad utensils and toss to your heart's content!
AGE:3+ years

HAPE Garden Vegetables E3118

Hape Garden Vegetables set looks delicious and juicy! Slice through the Velcro with the wooden knife provided to see into the centre of the colourful wooden tomato, carrot, pepper, leek, onion and corn on the cob - they all look so appetising. HAPE use FSC accredited wood, carry out rigorous safety checks on every toy and promote fair and ethical working practices.
AGE 3+ years

HAPE Hamburger and Hotdogs E3112 | 36 monhs

Why go to McDonalds when you can make your own pretend Hamburgers and Hot dogs
AGE:3+ years

HAPE Healthy Basics E3108

The Hape Healthy Basics is a set of essential groceries for the fridge including a dairy and fruit juice selection. Now there's no need to run out to the grocer.
AGE:2+ years

HAPE Instant Waffles E3138

Time to make some delicious waffles.This set also includes sliced strawberry toppings.
AGE:3+ years

HAPE Lunch Time Set E3136

Helping hands can produce a quick lunch or even picnic for four.
AGE:3+ Years

Hape Lunchbox set E3131

A pretend zipped lunchbox with a sandwich, drink of juice,yoghurt and fruit.
AGE:3+ years

HAPE Pancakes E3113
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Mix and serve up Hape Pancakes with the knife and fork onto wooden plates; top them with strawberries and a drizzle of maple syrup to complete the culinary experience!
AGE:3+ years

HAPE Pasta Set E3125

Taste of Italy to play kitchens and dolly dinner times! Play food set includes three packets of different felt pasta shapes including bow-tie, penne and ravioli, as well as jars of tomato pasta sauce and parmesan cheese.
AGE:3+ years

HAPE Pitta Pocket Lunch E3115

Hape's Pitta Pocket Lunch is a tasty menu item packed with a lesson in healthy eating. The fabric pocket can be filled with an assortment of tomato, cucumber, peppers, salami, lettuce, cheese and onion slices.
AGE:3+ years

HAPEHomemade Pizza E3129

Extra cheese?hold the Peppers! children can make their favorite meal any time any way.
Contents 31 pcs
AGE:3+ Years