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HABA Marble runs

Haba Marble runs are German made from high quality replenish-able beech wood. You can start with a set or just a small accessory and build up to large layout by placing the blocks alongside or on top of each other. This makes them quick to build and re-built into a huge variety of constructions. Each of the accessory packs adds another dimension of thrills and spills. The only limit is your imagination. P.S. Dads love it

Marbel contruction 6
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6  Clamps for HABA Marble Run 3495 | Blocks not included

6 Clamps for Marble Run. Wooden Blocks not included

HABA - Ball Track Rocking Dinghy 6643 | 6643

The First Ball Track series of toys are designed for the younger child to have the same fun as the marble run but with larger balls. This model includes 2 effect balls, a little metal bell and a flag.
NOTE:Track shown in picture is not included.

Made from Beech wood and Birchwood.

AGE 18+ months
Size : 35 x 9 x 31.5 cm

Sold separately are the Discovery Balls,set of four(HAB-3571)and lots more track to add more interactive play.

HABA - Marble Run Ball Track Monster 3568

Whoosh and vanished! ! With great delight the Ball Track Monster gobbles all the marbles that zip down the ball track. Includes: 18 different marbles. Material: Cotton/polyester. Size: Height 10cm.

HABA - Marble Run Double Wave Ramp 3563

On this track the balls gain real momentum as there are two down-hill slopes. Contents: 1 double wave track; 1 rectangular block (8 x 4 x 4cm); 1 ramp and 6 marbles. Age: 3+ Years.

HABA - Marble Run Equalizer 3559

Finally all carpet edges or similar little obstacles will no longer be a problem! The Equalizer ramp sits on an arched block and its inclination can be adjusted. Contents: 1 equalizer ramp (32cm); 1 rectangular block with arch (5 x 5 x 4cm) and 6 marbles. Age: 3+ Years.

HABA - Marble Run First Playing 1128

Ball track for beginners. Contains: 2 ramps of 32cm, 2 ramps of 16cm, 12 rectangular blocks (8 x4 x 4 cm), 5 square blocks (4 x 4 x 4 cm), 3 redirection blocks (4 x 4 x 4 cm), 2 columns (4 cm,x 8 cm), 12 domino blocks and 6 marbles.
AGE 3+years

HABA - Marble Run Ghostly Marbles 3499

Spectral ball track fun! ! First charge the marbles in the day light so that they recover their luminosity; then let them roll their eerily beautiful way down the ball track. The spectral marbles can be re-charged at anytime with a light. Contents: 6 marbles and 1 torch.(Batteries not include requires 1; 5V/AA) Age: 3 + Years.

HABA - Marble Run Horizontal track 3527
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Horizontal track contains: 2 curves; 3 straight tracks (length 16; 24and 32 cm); 1 long ramp; 7 rectangular blocks and 6 marbles. Age: 3 + Yrs

HABA - Marble Run Large Basic Building Set 1136

Large building set contains: 42 pieces of beech wood blocks; 1 rapid zigzag track; a bell and 6marbles. Age: 3+ Yrs Size: 40mm unit blocks

HABA - Marble Run Master Building Set 3524

Master building set contains: 77 pieces of beech wood; 1 metal funnel "Whirlwind"; 1 marble tin (HAB-3528)and 6 marbles. Age: 3+ Yrs

HABA - Marble Run Melodious Building Blocks 3399
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Children love to experiment with sounds and tunes. Arranged in the correct order, the melodious building blocks form a pentatonic scale. Contents: 1 track (32 x 4cm), 9 building blocks, 6 melodious blocks, 6 marbles.

Age: 3 - 10 years

HABA - Marble Run Sound staircase 1149

Sound Staircase contains: 1 sound staircase; 1 bridge with bell; 1 redirection block and 6 marbles. Age: 3 + Yrs

HABA - Marble Run Sound Tube Tunnel 5206
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This glass tall tunnel has musical tubes to play tune as the marble passes by. Music while you play!

HABA - Marble Run Spiral Tube Track 1089
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For something a little bit different on a marble track. A flexible tube allows the option to solve difficult problems. Contains: 1 flexible tube kit; 2 rectangular blocks; 2 square blocks; 2 hollowed shapes and 6 marbles. Age: 3+ to 99Yrs Size: 40mm unit blocks

HABA Kullerbü – Ball Track Klingeling 302060
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HABA Kullerbü – Ball Track Klingeling 302060

Ding-a-ling rocker-switch brings musical fun to Kullerbü playtime steep ball curve accelerates to super-duper ball speed maximum flexibility: Kullerbü elements are endlessly interchangeable clever click system: durable slip-proof enjoyment different heights for maximum momentum.

Effect: with sound effect
Number of parts: 23
Age to: 8 years
Age from: 2 years
Product weight: 1.3 kg
Height: 30 cm
Width: 14 cm
Length: 70 cm
Material: Plastic, Beech

HABA - Marble Run Tin of Marbles 3528

Tin of Marbles for HABA and other marble runs

Marble tin contains: 36 glass marbles and 2 steel marbles. Age: 3 + Yrs