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Wooden marble runs from HABA and Quadrilla

Wooden marble run toys are possibly the best educational fun ever. Working out how to get your marbles to go where you want encourages problem-solving skills, spatial thinking and introduces concepts from structural engineering and even coding! Plus these are toys that grow with your child and that the whole family will want to play with. You just can't keep the adults away! At 3 or 4 years old, kids will need help setting up the marble games but by the time they are about 6 they should be able to work out their own marbleruns independently. Even early teens will still get a lot of fun out of setting up a good marble run. We stock both Haba and Quadrilla marble runs. We think both are great but they offer slightly different experiences.

Christmas special offer!

Haba Master Building Set Marble Run

Wow! Fantastic HABA Marble Run Master Building Set now only £139.99 (was £159.99)

Perfect for budding engineers and builders, this Haba Marble run will provide hours of fun for any child aged 3 or 4 and over. Made in Germany from solid beech to Haba's incredibly high quality standards, this marble toy makes a Christmas present to remember for any child and helps build spatial awareness. 

Should I buy a Haba or Quadrilla marble run?

If you've taken a look at the runs we sell and still aren't quite sure which brand is right for you, here are some points that might help you decide.


  • Haba offer more accessories (which are fun in their own right - and we stock all of them).
  • You get to see the marbles as they roll along the tracks. With Haba you slope the tracks to get the marbles to run.
  • Suitable from 3+
  • The blocks that make up a Haba marble run stack rather than locate together (which is how Quadrille works) which makes them slightly easier to assemble for smaller hands.
  • They are also compatible with all other Haba blocks (and probably any other blocks you already own) which may make this toy more adaptable.
  • The blocks are heavy enough that they stay in place: if you're worried about them falling over easily, we've found that kids learn to be careful and not knock them over.
  • Haba marble runs are made in Germany.


  • Hape's Quadrilla marble runs are available in visually impressive large sets. Less choice equals an easier decision!
  • Their blocks are brightly coloured and the special pieces e.g. the spirals have a real wow factor!
  • The runs are also slightly more challenging to design yourself which means they are suitable for an older child as well. Quadrilla say their marble runs are suitable from 4-15 years old.
  • With Quadrilla marble runs you don't angle the tracks – it's the slopes hidden inside the colourful wooden blocks that make the marbles move - the tracks have to be level for the run to work properly.

Both brands are designed in Germany, use environmentally friendly, non-toxic, solvent free, water based stains and are made from replenishable beech and rubber wood so whichever you choose, you know you are making a safe choice.

Investing in a wooden marble run makes sense

Your set is going to get years of use. It's going to get bashed and reimagined into mousetraps and opted in to all sorts of other building adventures.

And unlike most of the plastic versions wooden marble run manufacturers specifically design and engineer them to encourage all the STEM skills. For example, the different coloured blocks in the Quadrilla range all have different functions which you have to work out.

But it's also simple to get started - both Haba and Quadrilla include full sets of easy to follow, step-by-step colour instructions which avoid any initial frustrations - not always so with those cheap plastic sets.