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BIGJIGS FrogSkipping Rope

A variety of animal skipping ropes. Sold separately. Rope length approx 2m Age: 3+ Yrs

BIGJIGS Ladybird Skipping Rope

Ladybird skipping ropes Rope length approx 2m Age: 3+ Yrs

BIGJIGS Moon Swing

This bright and cheerful moon swing is the perfect addition to any garden. Little children of 5 years upwards will enjoy the bright yellow design whilst the heavy duty metal clips will ensure safe easy attachment to tree or climbing frame
L38.5cm x W28.5 x H2cm
Rope length 3.5 m
AGE:5+ years

BIGJIGS Yellow Duck Skipping Rope
Sorry, we are out of stock

Yellow Duck skipping ropes Rope length approx 2m Age: 3+ Yrs

HABA - Flower Friends 3893

Entertainment for the smallest ones when they are taken out! The mobile can easily be fixed to the bar of the carry-cot so that babies can discover; watch and hear lots of things. Flower Friends includes rustling foil; mirror foil and rattle. Age: From birth.

Hape Balance Wonder E1050

A good beginning to bike riding,being able to put both feet down any time creates confidence.Length 84.2cm
AGE 3+ Years

HAPE Barn Play E3015

Create several scenes with this unique farm set that will promote creative play.16 pcs,L43.3 X W29.4 X D12.4cm
AGE: 3+ years

HAPE Colour Croquet E4302 | from 3 years

This award winning game is not only great fun but also promotes manual dexterity and makes counting fun.
Set up a maze of colourful tunnels. Use the mallet to tap the ball through each one.

Count how many times it takes to tap the ball through each tunnel.

Start with the tunnels close and then move further away as you improve.
Add a learning element and count how many times you have to hit the ball to get it through the tunnels
Helps develop hand-eye coordination, dexterity and spatial awareness
Made with a commitment to sustainability; compliant with international safety and quality standards

8 Pieces.

AGE:3+ Years

HAPE Crane Lift E3011

Budding builders need a construction crane on site,10 pieces altogether. The dumper truck is available separately.
AGE:3+ Years

HAPE Dumper Truck E3013

This Dumper Truck is made from really strong wood and durable plastic. It will be a favourite for any child who likes big tough toys.
Size is L:26.6cm W:14.6cm H:14.4cm


Big building project planned? This is just what you need to lay the foundation !!
AGE 3+ years

HAPE Steam 'N Roll E3020

This Steamroller is here to roll out the good roads and flatten the bad!
AGE:3+ years

HAPE-Bakers Trio Sand Play E4000

This is a plastic toy, it does not contain any wood. A set of three moulds with two spatulas for a great time in sand pit or at the beach, or even in the mud!!!

Sack Race

Players can re-live school days racing in these adult sized potato sacks. 5 sacks are named Fireball; Dozey; Fever; Wired; and Mad dog! Comes complete with a waterproof carry case. Size: 45"es x 30"es Made form best quality jute with double extra strong stitching.

HAPE Great Big Digger E3012 | Bulldozer

This bulldozer/digger is made from really strong wood and durable plastic. It will be a favourite for any child who likes big tough toys.

Cottage Croquet Set

This smaller sized set is ideal for the small garden; beginners and children. The 4 Hardware mallets are 32.5"es long with smaller sized heads. The set contains 4 lighter weight full sized balls; lighter weight steel hoops and hardwood winning post and rules. Packed in a zip fastening nylon sports bag.

Townsend Croquet Set

BEST VALUE FULL BOX AVAILABLE a gift for all the family! This full sized; 4 Player croquet set contains 4 hardwood mallets with solid ash shafts and leather bound handles; full size 16oz plastic balls; steel hoops; hoop mallet; corner flags and pegs; plastic clips; hardwood winning post and rules. Packed in a solid pine storage box with latches and rope handles.