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BIGJIGS FrogSkipping Rope

A variety of animal skipping ropes. Sold separately. Rope length approx 2m Age: 3+ Yrs

BIGJIGS Ladybird Skipping Rope

Ladybird skipping ropes Rope length approx 2m Age: 3+ Yrs

BIGJIGS Yellow Duck Skipping Rope
Sorry, we are out of stock

Yellow Duck skipping ropes Rope length approx 2m Age: 3+ Yrs

BRIO Builder 34586 Tool Box and Starter set 34586 | 34586

Great wood and plastic product. A child can build anything with a little imagination. A good starter set for the Brio Builder range. Carry around tool box
Teaches the use of tools (spanner and pliers)
Contains wheels and winding handle.
play pieces 48.
Age 3+

BRIO Builder 34587 Construction Set 34587

Components and tools to build all your own designs. hammer and screwdriver included.A good hand eye coordination practice set. 135 play pieces.
AGE:3+ years

BRIO Dump Truck and Load 30373 | 30373

Let's play! The perfect size, the soft plastic wheels and the working load dumper are irresistible for small hands. Put the driver in the truck, lift the load and drive to your farm. Helps to develop hand-eye coordination. The item measures 14.7 x 8 x 8cm. Suitable for ages 18 months and up. Manufactured to BRIO's high standards and from FSC Certified wood

BRIO Farm Set 30398 | 30398

A farmer has a lot to do, feeding the animals and mending the fences. Luckily, our farmer has a bucket and a wheel barrow, so you can help him. The animals like being outside, but when it's bedtime you have to take them inside the barn and close the doors. Includes 1x Barn, 1x Wheelbarrow, 1x Hay Bale, 1x Cow, 1x Horse, 1x Bucket, 1x Spade, 4x Fences. The Item measures 30.5 x 16.3 x 19.5cm. Suitable for ages 18 Months and up. Manufactured to BRIO's high standards and from FSC Certified wood

BRIO Large Pull-along Dachshund 30334 | 30334

Brio's classic pull-along dog. Beautifully made; sturdy and safe for young children to play with.Small dog available separately.
Size: 40cm

BRIO Light & Sound Police Car 30377 | 30377

Experience exciting adventures with a police car of your own, driving safely with its soft plastic wheels. Push the big button and the siren goes off, along with blinking lights - let's go! The policeman can jump out of the car and catch thieves. The item measures 14.5 x 8 x 10.6cm. Suitable for ages 18 months and up. Manufactured to BRIO's high standards and from FSC Certified wood. 2x LR44 Batteries included

EverEarth - Wooden Stable Play Set With Accesories

Award Winner - 2009 Preferred Choice AwarStable Play Set With Accessories - This lovely stable set include 2 stable 2 poseable horses a wheelbarrow; water trough; and 1 sign. Age:36m+Dimensions: 23x22x18.5cmWeight: 1kg

HABA - Ball Track Rocking Dinghy 6643 | 6643

The First Ball Track series of toys are designed for the younger child to have the same fun as the marble run but with larger balls. This model includes 2 effect balls, a little metal bell and a flag.
NOTE:Track shown in picture is not included.

Made from Beech wood and Birchwood.

AGE 18+ months
Size : 35 x 9 x 31.5 cm

Sold separately are the Discovery Balls,set of four(HAB-3571)and lots more track to add more interactive play.

HABA - Basic Domino Pack 7081 | 7081

An interesting version of the Domino Rally including 61 coloured dominoes, 8 blocks clamps and ramps, 2 wheels, 2 conveyor wheels, 2 metal rods with eyelet and 6 marbles

HABA - Coloured Building Blocks 54pc 3551

This Haba building block set contains 54 blocks that are a range of colours; shapes and sizes. This set comes complete with a fabric bag that can be used for storage and transporting. Age: 1+

HABA - Doctors Suitcase 1496
We're sorry we are out of stock but have an order coming in soon

The perfect set for a young doctor! Contents: Prescription pad with pencil; wooden ointment bottle; 1 fabric band Age; 1 wooden syringe; wooden 'Hab a gel' tube; 1 wooden tablet tube; 1 wooden thermometer; 1 spatula; 1 spoon and 10 plasters. All presented in a metal doctors case with wooden handle. Age: 3+ Years. Size of doctors case: 18.5 x 13 x 6.5cm

HABA - My First Ball Track (large basic pack) 7042 | 7042
We're sorry we are out of stock but have an order coming in soon

The First Ball Track series of toys are designed for the younger child to have the same fun as the marble run but with larger balls. This model includes ramps. curves, coloured connecting blocks and 3 effect balls. Made from Beech wood and Birchwood.

HABA -My First  Ball Ramp 8049 | 8049

The First Ball Track series of toys are designed for the younger child to have the same fun as the marble run but with larger balls. This model includes 1 ramp, 1 squeaky start button, 1 effect ball and 3 dominoes. Made from Beech wood and Birchwood.

Hape  E1011 Art Paper Roll E1011 | 3+Years

Paper Roll to fit onto Art Easel (sold separately)
Size 38cm x 20m
AGE:3+ years

HAPE 30pc Blocks E0439,Limited Edition 30 Years Anniversary

For this set of blocks Hape is donating a toy to a child in need in Afghanistan-Syria-Nepal-China-Zimbabwe
Type in the serial number on one block at hape.com and you will see where the toys you have sponsored had made someone happy.
Anniversary Blocks
30 Solid geometrical wooden blocks made from solid beechwood
AGE1+ years

HAPE 897781 E-Chopper 897781 | 3-5 years

Cruising has never looked so cool. The Hape E-Chopper?s bamboo body is coloured with red water-based paint
and flame graphics that will have everyone looking your way.

HAPE 897782 DRIFTER 897782 | 3-5 years

Drifter in classic black,made from bamboo.
AGE 3+years

HAPE A B C Blocks E0419

26 wooden blocks with,letters, pictures and numbers.
Made from quality replenishable wood and painted with water based paints.
Size: 35mm cubes
Age: from 24 months

Hape ABC Magnetic Letters E1047
We're sorry we are out of stock but have an order coming in soon

Letters in capitals and lower case are multi colored to help with recognizing and memorizing the alphabet.All are magnetic.
52 pcs
AGE:3+ years

HAPE All-in-1 Easel E1010

Double-sided easel with magnetic white board on one side, chalk board on the other.
Includes easel, 3 paint pots and replaceable paper roll
Helps develop creativity and your little one's inner artist
Made with a commitment to sustainability, compliant with international safety and quality standards.

Hape Balance Wonder E1050

A good beginning to bike riding,being able to put both feet down any time creates confidence.Length 84.2cm
AGE 3+ Years

HAPE Barn Play E3015

Create several scenes with this unique farm set that will promote creative play.16 pcs,L43.3 X W29.4 X D12.4cm
AGE: 3+ years

Hape Best Bugs Magnetic Maze E1709 | 2-3 years
Sorry, we are out of stock

A magnetic wand wiggles and worms marbles through this hand-held maze.

Match the marble colours to the bugs. Younger kids can just manipulate the marbles through the maze.

Hape Build a Bug Sorter E0425

Prblem solving,counting and imagination can all be brought into use with this colourful bug sorter
\AGE:2+ years

HAPE Coffee Maker E3106

Rise and shine with this lovely wooden Coffee Maker set by Hape. Children prepare a fresh cup of coffee for themselves or a guest with this modern coffee maker, sugar and milk. It's the perfect start to another fine day.
AGE:3+ Years

HAPE Colour Croquet E4302 | from 3 years

This award winning game is not only great fun but also promotes manual dexterity and makes counting fun.
Set up a maze of colourful tunnels. Use the mallet to tap the ball through each one.

Count how many times it takes to tap the ball through each tunnel.

Start with the tunnels close and then move further away as you improve.
Add a learning element and count how many times you have to hit the ball to get it through the tunnels
Helps develop hand-eye coordination, dexterity and spatial awareness
Made with a commitment to sustainability; compliant with international safety and quality standards

8 Pieces.

AGE:3+ Years

HAPE Converse E6314 | 4+ YEARS

A game to help recognition and memory skills.Find,match and describe pairs of opposites. 21 pcs.
AGE:4+ years

HAPE Crane Lift E3011

Budding builders need a construction crane on site,10 pieces altogether. The dumper truck is available separately.
AGE:3+ Years

HAPE Doctor on Call (E3010)

Hape Keep your friends Happy and Healthy with this well-equipped doctors kit.
AGE:3+ years

HAPE Dolls High Chair E3600
We're sorry we are out of stock but have an order coming in soon

This high chair will fire the imagination and help with role ply. Also sold separately is the doll's cradle,a must for every doll's nursery.
Age 3+ years

HAPE Dumper Truck E3013
We're sorry we are out of stock but have an order coming in soon

This Dumper Truck is made from really strong wood and durable plastic. It will be a favourite for any child who likes big tough toys.
Size is L:26.6cm W:14.6cm H:14.4cm

HAPE E0300 Early Melodies Maracas E0300 | 1-2 years
Sorry, we are out of stock

Give your budding musician's rhythm skills a workout with this wooden set from Hape. The Early Melodies maracas set provides your child with two uniquely shaped, easy to hold maracas for creating accents to songs. Fun and easy to play, these maracas are great instruments for family sing-alongs and make believe concerts.
AGE 1+ Years

HAPE E0304 Early Melodies Tambourine E0304 | 1-2 years

The Hape Early Melodies tambourine will have your toddler shaking this delightful percussion toy in time. Bright and colourful, this instrument is super fun and easy on the ear. Perfectly sized for young children. Let the good times shake, rattle and roll.
AGE:1+ years

HAPE E0305 Early Melodies Pound n Tap Bench E0305 | 1-2 years

Pounding sends the balls tinkling over the xylophone. Pull out the keyboard and the xylophone can be played solo. HAPE use FSC accredited wood, carry out rigorous safety checks on every toy and promote fair and ethical working practices.
AGE:1+ years

HAPE E0378 Lady Bug.Bug About

Not only has this Bug got room to carry your toys, it can scoot around and about your home, hold onto the antennae as you push yourself about.
AGE 1+ years

HAPE E0412 Rainbow Bead Abacus E0412 | 18 months

Hape's wooden Rainbow Bead Abacus has 10 rows of 10 beads in 5 different colours - a tried and tested introduction to numeracy the colourful way!
AGE:18+ months

HAPE E0415 Geometric Sorter E0415 | 2-3 years
Sorry, we are out of stock

Hape's Geometric Sorter is a multi-tasking shape sorter that will introduce your child to counting, sorting and stacking skills in a fun colourful way.
AGE:2+ years

HAPE E0416 Twist and Turnables E0416 | 2-3 years

Hape Twist and Turnables is a set of eight colourful patterned wooden shapes that screw together for sturdy construction fun.
AGE:2+ years

HAPE E0418 Fantasia Blocks Castle E0418 | 2-3 years

Hape Fantasy Castle blocks with twenty two distinctive and colourfully decorated wooden block shapes can take your building skills to new levels. Aim high and create a dream castle with arches, turreted towers, portholes and spires. Not forgetting the beads that rattle in the eaves!
AGE:2+ Years

HAPE E0423 Balance Boat E0423 | 2-3 years

Hape's Balance Boat is a fun, wooden ssaw toy that introduces the concepts of quantities, weight and balance. Children have to stack the sailors to balance the boat - can you stack them without tipping the boat.
AGE:2+ years

HAPE E1002 Alphabet Blocks Abacus E1002 | 18 months

Hape's wooden Alphabet blocks Abacus has 6 rows of 6 blocks in different colors including 1-10 number blocks.There are pictures,letters and numbers on relevant blocks
AGE:3+ years

HAPE E1012 Animals Memory Game E1012 | 3-5 years
Sorry, we are out of stock

Hape's Animals Memory Game has a dozen pairs of assorted fun animals to test your visual memory! Place the little square wooden 'cards' with colourful animal images face down; turn over two at a time to find the matching pairs.
AGE:3+ years

HAPE E1014 Mix and Match Zoo Animals E1014 | 3-5 years

Hape's double sided Mix and Match Zoo Animals domino game can be played with either the numbered dots on one side or familiar Zoo animals on the other. A win-win situation!
AGE:3+ Years

HAPE- E1019 String along Shapes E1019 | 3+ years

Lots of colourful shapes to string together or to pile on top of one another. This brings colour and counting,also hand eye cordination into play mode.
AGE:3+ years

HAPE E1500 Numbers Matching Puzzle E1500 | 36 months

Hape Numbers Matching Puzzle has 1-10 solid wood colourful numbers with 1-10 objects to count and match up when revealed beneath. Finger-sized pegs help make light work of learning new puzzling skills.
AGE:3+ years

HAPE E1502 Alphabet Puzzle E1502 | 36 months
Sorry, we are out of stock

Hape Alphabet Puzzle is a solid wood puzzle with colourful block letters that stand alone. 26 sturdy wooden letters help children practice their ABCs and form simple words.
AGE:3+ years

HAPE E1504 Numbers Puzzle E1504 | 3-5 years
Sorry, we are out of stock

Hape's numbers puzzle.Adding subtracting,matching colours and all in wood.
AGE:3+ years

HAPE E1600 Happy Hour Clock E1600 | 36 months

Hape Happy Hour Clock helps children learn to tell the time. Time after time, children will use this multi-tasking wooden clock puzzle to practice hours and minutes, as well as numbers and colours.
AGE:3+ years

HAPE E1700 Go-Fish-Go E1700 | 2-3 years

Hape Go-Fish-Go magnetic maze has a magnetic wand that manoeuvres coloured marbles around this fishy maze.
AGE: 2+ years

HAPE E1701 Choo Choo Tracks E1701 | 2-3 years

Hape Choo Choo Tracks? magnetic maze has a magnetic wand that manoeuvres coloured marbles around this steam engine maze.
AGE:2+ years

HAPE E1704 Color Flutter Butterfly E1704 | 2-3 years

Hape Colour Flutter Butterfly? magnetic maze has a magnetic wand that wiggles coloured marbles around this fluttering butterfly maze.
AGE:2+ years

HAPE E1710 Mesmorising Maze | 2-3 years

AGE:2+ years

HAPE E1802 Discovery Box E1802 | 2-3 years

Hape Discovery Box is a five sided activity box with plenty of activities to discover. Topped with a wire bead maze, this wooden box has a mirror, colour wheel, spinning face and abacus.
AGE:2+ years

HAPE E3000 Master Workbench | 3-5 years

Hape's Master Workbench is a wooden work station for little builders and carpenters. It is a colourful and durable workbench with shelves and storage for tools and supplies including a claw hammer, spanner, saw, screwdriver, set square, 6 nails, 6 bolts (with nuts), 4 gears and 12 pieces of pre-cut and pre-drilled wood to set the imagination flowing into construction role play heaven. All tools work with all the pieces (ie the spanner really fits the bolts and the claw hammer can be used to pull the nails out).

Use the tools and workbench to "fix" toys or take the included nails, bolts and wood to make something new - either attached to the workbench or for play elsewhere.

This 40 piece Master Workbench E300 helps develop engineering and building skills, encourages coordination, dexterity, imaginative play and simple problem solving.

Name the tools that your child uses. Describe what each tool does. Talk about what your child wants to build and ask how they might build it.

Made of wood coated in water based paint, like all Hape toys it has been tested for sharp points, small parts, strength and colour fastness and it meets or exceeds all European standards.

Designed for kids aged 3 or over, with adult supervision it can be enjoyed by toddlers over 2 years old. Just remove those small parts!

HAPE E3001 Fix-It Tool Box E3001 | 3-5 years

My First tool box is your little craftsman's starter kit. Children enjoy hammering in nails and fixing things together with screws and bolts, only to take them all apart again. The simple design offers an understanding of simple mechanics and how tools can be used to build.
AGE:3+ years

HAPE E3002 Park and Go Garage E3002 | 3-5 years

There are plenty of parking spots for vehicles and helicopters in this four-level Park and Go Garage from Hape. Includes two vehicles and one helicopter. Adult assembly required.
AGE:3+ years

HAPE E3003 Discovery Spaceship & Lift Off Rocket E3003 | 3-5 years
Sorry, we are out of stock

This incredible Discovery Spaceship And Lift Off Rocket by Hape provide the fuel for imaginative explorations as children prepare, launch or arrive at their destination somewhere in the galaxy. The top of the rocket even becomes a landing module.Includes four storey rocket ship with double-sided graphics on three panels, two astronauts, one alien, one robot, laboratory, flag and flagstaff, land rover, moon crater with moon rocks, folup solar panel, vehicle with two oxygen tanks, bed, treadmill, working elevator and lift-off rocket with cockpit.
AGE:3+ years

HAPE E3022 Race Around Parking Garage Christmas Special | 3-5 years

A Christmas Special.There are plenty of parking spots for vehicles in this four-level Park and Go Garage from Hape.
One helicopter and 2 Cars included. Adult assembly required.
AGE:3+ years

Hape Fantasia Blocks Train E0417

Early Explorer.
The shapes,colours and patterns bring a whole new way of building blocks and train combined.
AGE:18+ months

Hape Fire Station E3007

3 levels with a furnished office,eating and sleeping area,an up and over garage door and a fire pole from top to bottom make this fire station ready for any emergency.
AGE:3+ years

HAPE Fire Truck E3008 E3008 | 36 months

Imagination and creativity are helped along with this Fire Truck,includes expandable ladder and one Firefighter.
AGE:3+ years

Hape Happy Harp E0323

This stringed instrument is a new addition to the Early Melodies selection by Hape.
AGE: 3+ Years

HAPE Lacing Peacock

HAPE Lacing Peacock

HAPE Lunch Time Set E3136

Helping hands can produce a quick lunch or even picnic for four.
AGE:3+ Years

Hape Lunchbox set E3131

A pretend zipped lunchbox with a sandwich, drink of juice,yoghurt and fruit.
AGE:3+ years

HAPE Magnetic Animals 897786 | 897786

Magnetic geometric shapes can be arranged to create animal themed mosaics,the magnetic board has a carry handle with 37 shapes.
AGE:3+ years

HAPE Mighty Motors Magnetic Maze E1703 | 2-3 years

Hape Mighty Motors? magnetic maze has a magnetic wand that steers coloured marbles around this vehicle maze.


Big building project planned? This is just what you need to lay the foundation !!
AGE 3+ years

HAPE Rock-a-bye Cradle E3601

Hape work to very high standards and consider the environment at every stage in the development of their award winning toys. They use sustainable wood, carry out rigorous safety checks on every toy and promote fair and ethical working practices.
Size: L:48 W:30 H:48.5 cm
AGE:3+ years

HAPE- Scoot-Around E0101

Great for indoor and outdoor use,

HAPE Steam 'N Roll E3020

This Steamroller is here to roll out the good roads and flatten the bad!
AGE:3+ years

HAPE Stroller E3603

This Stroller will help with role ply. Also sold separately are, the doll's cradle,a must for every doll's nursery and highchair to help the little busy mums.
Age 3+ years

HAPE Tea Set for Two E3124

Tea time is the perfect time to take a break and talk with a friend.
12 pcs inc Tray
AGE:3+ Years

HAPE Ukulele E0316
We're sorry we are out of stock but have an order coming in soon

4 String Ukulele in RED,or small guitar
L535, W175, H65mm
AGE:3+ Years

HAP-E0052 Mini Van Red E0052

Push along mini Van in with a red body and wood wheels
AGE:12+ months

HAP-E0064 Rolling Roadster Red E0064

Push along with a red and white body and wood wheels
L 13.8 x W 8.7 x H 9.2 cm
AGE:12+ months

HAP-E0500 1-2-3 Shape Sorter E0500

Drop the shapes into the holes and roll it on its way.
AGE:1+ Years

HAPE-Farm Animals Block Puzzle E0422

Hape's Farm Animal Block Puzzle is a six sided wooden block puzzle that encourages children to re-create familiar farm friends. Once they have figured out one animal, there are five more to try to find!
AGE:2+ Years

HAPE-Zoo Animals Block Puzzle E0421

Hape's Zoo Animals Block Puzzle is a nine block puzzle that challenges children to re-create six familiar animals. But the animals are not always found in the obvious 3 x 3 block formation: the giraffe is tall and the alligator long!
AGE:2+ Years

Matching Game Who Lives Where 7387

This Game of,matching,counting and animal recognition can all be used in this well thought out pack, contains: 1 elephant,1 giraffe, 1 zebra, 1 lion, 1 hippo, 1 monkey and 6 animal houses. The largest house is L 11.5 x W 12 x D 7.5 cm. The largest animal is the elephant, H 7.5 cm
AGE:18+ months

PLAN CITY - Roundhouse

Fulfilling the rail system with this Roundhouse. It allows up to 3 engines to be stored inside. Each engine can be shut in or released with separate moving doors. Compatible with Plan City Road & Rail Sets. Compatible with the Brio Wooden Railway System. Age: 3+ Years.21 x 15 x 10.5cm

THE TOY WORKSHOP - Fairy Letters

Beautiful self adhesive wooden Fairy letters in upper case. How to order: Purchase the amount of letters needed for the name or word and in the 'order comments' type the letters you would like. (ONLY UPPER CASE AVAILABLE).Size of each letter: 7.77 x 8.6 x 0.64cm.

THE TOY WORKSHOP - Fire Engine Jigsaw
Sorry, we are out of stock

Chunky wooden fire engine jigsaw with alphabet letters on the pieces. Learn the alphabet while having fun doing a jigsaw puzzle! Size: 31 x 20 x 2 cm Age 18 months +

THE TOY WORKSHOP - Money Box - Elephant

Beautifully painted money box. Start saving now! Size: 10 x 12 x 16 cm Age 2+ yrs

HAPE Art Studio E1009 | Art Studio

This desk top art board has white board one side and black board on the other. L45.7 X W3 X H48.4cm

AGE:3+ years

HAPE Great Big Digger E3012 | Bulldozer

This bulldozer/digger is made from really strong wood and durable plastic. It will be a favourite for any child who likes big tough toys.


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