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Hape Balance Wonder E1050

A good beginning to bike riding,being able to put both feet down any time creates confidence.Length 84.2cm
AGE 3+ Years

HAPE E0100 Rock and Ride  Rocking Horse E0100 | 10 months

Hape's Rock and Ride Rocking Horse is a perfectly-balanced wooden ride-on that can take kids for a slow-and steady trot or a rocking gallop.
AGE:1+ years

HAPE E0103 Rocking Pup E0103 | 10 months

Hape's Rocking Pup is a perfectly-balanced wooden ride-on that
AGE:1+ years

HAPE E0378 Lady Bug.Bug About

Not only has this Bug got room to carry your toys, it can scoot around and about your home, hold onto the antennae as you push yourself about.
AGE 1+ years

HAPE High Seas Rocker E0102 | 10 months
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Cast off from shore to teeter and totter on imaginary ocean waves! Drift across the deep blue and rock worries away aboard this tugboat.

Sit on the boat deck, grab the handles, and rock back and forth like you're on the rolling waves of the ocean. Imagine you"re on a high seas adventure!

AGE:1+ years

HAPE- Scoot-Around E0101

Great for indoor and outdoor use,