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HABA - Play Food Crate with Fabric Fruit and Vegetables 3818

this wooden crate comes with Fabric Fruit and Vegetables

HABA - Play Food Doner Kebab (Fabric) 3812
Sorry, we are out of stock

Amazingly detailed fabric playfood

HABA - Play Food Petit Fours Set of 9 3808
HAPE Checkout Register E3121

Hape Checkout Register is a colourful wooden cash register with abacus, barcode scanner and card chip and pin block. It also comes with cash and credit card for role play fun!
AGE:3+ years

HAPE Pasta Set E3125

Taste of Italy to play kitchens and dolly dinner times! Play food set includes three packets of different felt pasta shapes including bow-tie, penne and ravioli, as well as jars of tomato pasta sauce and parmesan cheese.
AGE:3+ years