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BIGJIGS Pink Stork Mobile damaged packaging(was £7.40 )

Only the box is damaged. It's a girl! This gorgeous mobile makes an ideal new baby gift as it features two cheerful storks; a teddy; a pram and other sweet additions. Painted in a soft pink theme; it is ideal for a new nursery!
New Baby

BRIO Cage Rattle 30052 | 30052

The classic wooden rattle toy. You can roll it along the ground or simply shake it. The wooden body is finished in bright colours and its shape is easy for little hands to grasp.

Brio LadyBug 30320 | 30320

A pull along toy with an interesting bug motion as the string is pulled watch the legs move!! comes in 3 colours.Red, Yellow,and Green. A random choice will be made for you.
The body is aprox. 112cm long
Age 12m+

BRIO Mini Caterpillar 30330 | 30330

The caterpillar is one of three push along mini toys.The ant and bee are available to order,ant (30331)bee(30335)

BRIO Push Along Fire Truck 30197 | 30197

This classic version of a timeless favourite is built in solid wood. Plenty to do - Push it; move it; ring it's bell. Keeps children fascinated for hours! Size: 15 x 8 x 10 cm
Age: 12m +

Brio Race Car 30077 | 30077

This little car comes in 4 colours Red, Blue, Green or natural wood. Unless you request a preference a random choice will be made for you.
L 14cm.
Age 12m+

BRIO Rattle Kit 30422 | 30422

Shake the bead rattle to hear and see how the bead inside sounds and moves.Different textures and shapes that cleverly fit inside each other.

Brio Rolling Mirror 30424 | 30424

The beads run up and down the posts while the mirror provides visual stimulation.The soft plastic sides can be interesting to chew.

HABA - Buccaneer Bill Buggy Book 5382

Picture book fun for out and about. Cardboard book that can be un-buttoned with Velcro strap to attach to pram; car seat or jacket. Age: 6+ Months.

HABA - Chuff Chuff 3894

Entertainment for the smallest ones when they are taken out! The mobile can easily be fixed to the bar of the carry-cot so that babies can discover; watch and hear lots of things. Chuff Chuff includes rustling foil; mirror foil; squeaker and rattle. Age: From birth.

HABA - Color Snake Clutching Toy 3868

For first grabbing! Colourful wooden shapes threaded on elastic. Material: Beech wood. Age: 6+ Months.

HABA - Flower Friends 3893

Entertainment for the smallest ones when they are taken out! The mobile can easily be fixed to the bar of the carry-cot so that babies can discover; watch and hear lots of things. Flower Friends includes rustling foil; mirror foil and rattle. Age: From birth.

HABA - Magica Clutching Toy 3856

For first grabbing! Material: Beech wood. Age: 6+ Months.

HABA - Moby 1268 | 1268

Looking; clasping; listening! Rattling 'Moby' stimulates the senses. Wooden parts threaded on to an elastic centre. Material: Beech wood. Height: 11cm.age: 6+ Months.

HABA - Piro 1274 | 1274

These rattle figures by HABA are excellent quality. Made from beech wood with elastic in the middle so they can bend; move and rattle. Age: 6+ Months Size: 12cm High

HABA-Terry Train Push Along 3575

Ding-a-ling; here comes the jingle train! Terry the engine driver happily rides round the table and across the carpet. A great first push along train made from high quality sturdy wood. Includes little bell and squeaker. The driver jiggles up and down when the toy is pushed along. Material: Beech wood. Length: 35cm. Age: 1+ Years.

HAPE E0401 Stacking Jack E0401 | 1-2 years
We're sorry we are out of stock but have an order coming in soon

Hape's Stacking Jack is a colourful wooden stacking toy to help develop fine motor skills and colour, shape and size recognition. Children can dress this smiley character from tippy toys to top hat.
AGE:1+ years

HAPE- E0434 Take along activity box E0434 | 1-2 years

Many sided activity box for inquisitive minds.

AGE:1+ years

HAPE-E0015 Roly-Poly Ralph

This happy and colourful clown loves being nudged and budged about,always popping back up for more fun!

HAPE-E0400 Clown Stacker E0400 | 1-2 years

Hape's Clown Stacker is a colourful wooden stacking toy that gently rocks, to help develop fine motor skills and colour, shape and size recognition. Contains 6 PCS

PLAN TOYS - Pounding Bench

A set of three colourful pegs; a mallet and a wooden bench put together well to make this a rewarding and repetitive toy that improves concentration. When they have finished; all they need to do is turn the centre of the toy over to start the fun again! Age: 2+ years. Size: 24 x 11.5 x 10cm.

THE TOY WORKSHOP - Money Box - Elephant

Beautifully painted money box. Start saving now! Size: 10 x 12 x 16 cm Age 2+ yrs


Baby Toys range

 During the first few months when your baby starts to hold – and throw - toys we have a terrific selection of rattles, brightly painted wooden shapes, creatures and animals together with our cardboard picture books which mummy or daddy can show to them whilst talking about the pictures.As your baby is able to sit up, followed closely by crawling, and then on to the first staggering steps these milestones reached by baby allows them to enjoy toys which can be pushed and pulled along. Our terrific range is particularly suitable for babies and toddlers as all the pieces are chunky in size and therefore easy for the youngster to pick up.

We also stock a wide range of quality wooden toys from building blocks to train tracks and trains, and shape sorters to nuts and bolts which are all designed to aid co-ordination. Each and every piece is beautifully finished to the highest standard.

Wooden toys are extremely durable and they are always the toys to which the toddler returns time after time. These toys stand the test of time and will be as popular in another twenty years as they were over twenty years ago.

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