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BRIO - Cement Truck 33556 | 33556

With this cement truck the road tracks become even more playful. Spin the cement mixer and see how it rotates on the roof top. Open the truck cabin to discover what it looks like inside! Let the imagination set the destination.

BRIO  Travel Engine and Driver 33508 | 33508

The BRIO Travel Engine and Driver are a fun addition to the BRIO Road and Rail sets. Lift the door at the nose of the engine for the driver to climb into the driving seat!

BRIO airplane 30205 | Wooden Toy

Wooden airplane to compliment the 30203 helicopter
AGE: 12+months

BRIO Ascending Tracks 33332 | Wooden Toy

Two curved ascending/descending track to create bridges etc. Made from high quality beechwood

BRIO ATV with Load | 33798

Jump up in your four-wheeler and take a ride to check the loading of lumber at the lumber station. Put the wooden magnetic box with replanting equipment on the back of the four-wheeler and go out in the forest to plant new trees. That is the way to take care of nature.Size: 15.3 x 4 x 13.3 cm
Recommended age: 3 Years

BRIO Bell Wagon | 33749

rolling stock with a bell

BRIO Caboose 33737 | 33737

A one piece magnetic wagon attachment.This is an American term for a Guards Van.
AGE3+ years

BRIO Cage Rattle 30052 | 30052

The classic wooden rattle toy. You can roll it along the ground or simply shake it. The wooden body is finished in bright colours and its shape is easy for little hands to grasp.

BRIO Clutching Toy | 30442

It is magic for the youngest! Hold it up and down and see the rings slide over each other. Shake it and you will hear thrilling sounds when the plastic and wooden rings touch each other. Or take a bite if you want to. Both wood and plastic details are made of good and safe materials. Size: 12 x 5 x 17 cm
Recommended age: 0 Months

BRIO Cow & Wagon 33406 | 33406

Add a farm to your railway system and this will make a great extra
Age 3+ yrs

BRIO Curved switching tracks 33346 | Wooden Toy

2 pieces of switching track size: 144 mm. Made from high quality beechwood

BRIO Helicopter  30206 | 0
Sorry, we are out of stock

Wooden Helicopter to compliment the 30203 airplane. These come in 4 Primary colours, when ordering request colour in comments section, please note other colours may be substituted.
L150 W80 H90mm

BRIO Horse and Rider 33793 | 33793

This girl figure fits onto the horse once the blanket is removedAGE:3+ years

BRIO Large curved tracks 33342 | Wooden Toy

4 pieces of curved track size 170mm. Made from high quality beechwood

BRIO Level Crossing 33388 | 33388

Includes two lifting barriers; one medium length track and two warning signs. Length 108 mm

BRIO Light Signal 33743 | 33743

suits all rail and road layouts,light changes with the touch of a button,battery included.

BRIO Long straight tracks 33341 | Wooden Toy

4 pieces of track size: 216 mm. Made from high quality beechwood

BRIO Lumber Loading Wagon 33696 | 33696

Get the logs on the train and ship them off. Every piece of lumber fits safely in the wagon and with eight wheels on the track the ride from the forest is a breeze! Compatible with the BRIO wooden railway system.
Age: 3+ Years

BRIO 'Magnetic Action' Bell Signal 33754 | 33754

Battery-free railway sound! The ringing bell is triggered magnetically when the train passes. May also be operated by hand. Length 54 mm

BRIO Medium straight tracks 33335 | Wooden Toy

4 pieces of track size: 144mm. Made from high quality beechwood

BRIO Mini Ant 30331 | 30331

This push along Mini Ant, bobs it's head as it's pushed along,Small enough for tiny hands.L5.6 x W10.7 x H6.6cm.
AGE:12+ months

BRIO Mini Bumblebee  30335 | 30335

This push along Mini Bumblebee, Small enough for tiny hands.L8.1 x W10.7 x H6.7cm.
AGE:12+ months

BRIO Mini Caterpillar 30330 | 30330

The caterpillar is one of three push along mini toys.The ant and bee are available to order,ant (30331)bee(30335)

BRIO Mini Cow 30309 | 30309

This little friendly wooden cow is easy and fun to push along back and forward. Friend to the mini horse and mini duck, and if you have them all you can have your first farm play. Size: 15 x 8 x 9 cm
Recommended age: 12 Months

BRIO Mini Duck 30311 | 30311

With its cheerful colour you cannot wait to play with it. The little wooden duck will love to be pushed along and discover the world together with you. Friend to the mini horse and mini cow, and if you have them all you can have your first farm play. Size: 15 x 8 x 9 cm
Recommended age: 12 Months

BRIO Mini Horse 30310 | 30310

Your first own wooden horse, to love and to play with. It waits for you every morning for new adventures on the floor. It´s fun to push along back and forward. Friend to the mini cow and mini duck, and if you have them all you can have your first farm play. Size: 15 x 8 x 9 cm
Recommended age: 12 Months

BRIO Mini Straight Track Pack 33393 | 33393

Has it ever happened? Of course it has. You discover you cannot complete your wooden track layout, something is missing and you need some extra pieces to get it right. Here they are, these small wooden tracks will help you to get it the way you want at any time. Size: 10 x 6 x 6 cm Recommended age: 3 Years

BRIO Mini straight tracks 33333 | Wooden Toy

Brio mini straight tracks; 4 Pieces.. Made from high quality beechwood

BRIO My First Railway Bell Signal | 33707

Watch out, here comes your train. The bell signals every time your train passes by. Your train can go fast or slow, the bell will always ring and warn everyone not to cross the track. Size: 10 x 8 x 11 cm
Recommended age: 18 Months

BRIO My First Railway Light Up Wagon | 33708

The magic high-tech wagon with play activated safe electronics. You will have flashing lights inside the wagon as soon as the train starts to move. Exciting to play with, perhaps in a dark room to create a mystery night train. Size: 14.5 x 5 x 11 cm Recommended age: 18 Months

BRIO Push along Engine Original Classic 33610 | 33610

The original BRIO wooden engine with charming simplicity.

BRIO Push-along Old Steam Engine 33617 | 33617

Push along engine with moving pistons. Great for re-creating the Wild West! Length 86 mm Age 3 yrs

Brio Race Car 30077 | 30077

This little car comes in 4 colours Red, Blue, Green or natural wood. Unless you request a preference a random choice will be made for you.
L 14cm.
Age 12m+

BRIO Safari Wagon and Giraffe 33724 | 33724

A good addition for the Safari Set, or to tow behind the Jeep.
L37 W87 H50mm

BRIO Series 1 Figure Play Packs BRIO People 33829 | 33829

Who do you want to be? The train driver, the circus manager, the road worker or someone else? Bring them all into your BRIO world. You can collect them all, and perhaps change figures with your friends. Every play figure brings a wooden accessory into the play.

There are 6 characters in this series.
Red, Circus Ring Master.
Grey, Worker.
Purple, School Crossing Attendant.
Green, Doctor.
Blue, Train/Tram Driver.
Orange, Road Worker.

The price is for the whole set of 6 figures.

Size: 10 x 3 x 15 cm Recommended age: 3 Years

BRIO Shape Sorter Set 30173 | 30173

Hm, let´s see. If you put the fully shaped wooden cylinder in one of the tubes, how shall you then place the other pieces in the two other tubes? Why not build a colourful tower and then start all over again by putting all the pieces together in another way. Educational toy developing motoric skills and logical thinking. Playful thinking.Size: 14 x 8 x 14 cm Recommended age: 12 Months

BRIO Short curved tracks 33337 | Wooden Toy

4 pieces of short curved track size: 90mm. Made from high quality beechwood

BRIO Short straight tracks 33334 | Wooden Toy

4 pieces of track size 108mm. Made from high quality beechwood

BRIO Small Pull-along Dachshund 30332 | 30332

The BRIO classic pull-along dog. Beautifully made, sturdy and safe for young children to play with. Age 19 months Size: 15cm

BRIO Stacking Track Supports 33253 | 33253

Use the supports to build a bridge or a tunnel or double stack them to make a challenging layout. Includes 2 pieces with track AGE:2yrs
Height 73 mm

BRIO Stop and Ramp Tracks 33385 | Wooden Toy

Contains 4 pieces - 2 ramps and 2 buffers (one of each gender). Made from high quality beechwood

BRIO Super Supports 33254 | 33254

Stackable supports with built-in anti-slip strips to hold the tracks in place. 2 pieces Height 61 mm Age 3 yrs

BRIO Teether 30440 | 30440

Come on baby! It is time for the youngest ones to discover all their senses. With this playful teether they can bite and feel different materials, they can let their fingers explore the different textures of the teether and they can easily pick it up it with one hand if they drop it. Size: 12 x 2.5 x 17 cm Recommended age: 0 Months

BRIO Teether Ball 30441 | 30441

What is it? Three legs and a wooden body and a head like a big ring? Perfect for little fingers to grasp. Roll it over and make it stand up again – and take a good bite in the safe plastic ring. A perfect infant toy to play with, using both your teeth and your hands. Size: 12 x 4.5 x 17 cm
Recommended age: 0 Months

BRIO Train Passengers 33309 | 33309

These environmentally friendly passengers love going by train. Contains 3 pieces, 1 mail, 1 female, 1 suitcase. They are ready to set out on their journey! The suitcase also fits on the train load wagons. A great accessory for the BRIO railway system. Age: 3+ Years. Approx height of figure: 5cm.

BRIO - Baking Set 31428 | 31428

Toy Kitchen addition to help with pretend cooking, and baking.Contains board, rolling pin and three cutters.
AGE: 2+ years

BRIO  Container Ship and Crane Wagon 33534 | 33534

Use the magnetic winch to pick the cargo up and load it onto the container ship. 4 Pieces (1 x Ship, 1 x Crane w/Magnet, 2 x Magnetic Cargo Pieces)

BRIO - Deluxe Railway Set 33052 | 33052

The length 39cm and width 31cm, of road and rail track is packed full of tunnels, bridges, station, crossings,as well as trains and ferry boat. Figures and road vehicles also included.

BRIO - Forklift 33573 | 33573

Goods and cargo are coming and going with trains and trucks from all directions. Use this detailed forklift to help the worker. Lift the loads up, down, off and on trains and trucks with the help of the lever. The poseable figure fits perfectly inside the driver?s seat.

BRIO - Rail and Road Loading Set 33210 | 33210

Lift and load! This rail and road loading set is packed with lots of play, including two trucks and a train pulling a crane wagon that can lift loads on and off the track. Take the rock loads off the train and load them onto the trucks for safe road transportation to the end destination.BRIO pays attention to every detail through the design process and has always been dedicated to creating products that add extra play value, encourage learning and develop fine motor skills.

BRIO - RC Engine 33213 | 33213

The unique controller has easy to use reverse and stop functions, also two different forward speeds, push button control for light and sound effects,control buttons on the engine.A&B frequencies make it possible for 2 RC trains to run on the track at the same time. Train is controllable also with buttons on the engine.
2x2 AA batteries needed (not included)

BRIO  Tow Truck 33528 | 33528

Tow a car with the rear winch, pick the car up with the magnetic connection, raise the front wheels off the ground and you're ready to go! 2 Pieces (1 x Truck, 1 x Car)

BRIO  Xylophone 30182 | 30182

Create a new masterpiece with this xylophone! The xylophone has five different tones to create new melodies from. There is a smart storage for the music stick underneath.With BRIO's instruments the whole family can join in and explore the world of music.Also available are the Drum and Shaker set.

BRIO 30100 Ride On Dachshund 30100 | 30100
Sorry, we are out of stock

The iconic Dachshund from 1950 is ready to make new friends as a ride-on toy. - 11 Pieces (Seat, Head, Body, 2 x Ear, 2 x Handle, 2 x Wheel Axle, 2 x Wood Screw) Some assembly is required.
AGE 2+years

BRIO 30169 Pull-along Caterpillar 30169 | 30169

Take this timeless caterpillar for a slow walk, and watch the fascinating crawling movement as you go. Encourages early walking.

BRIO 30177 Shape Puzzle 30177 | 30177

The BRIO Shape Puzzle is a clean and simple wooden spinning puzzle in the form of a hardback book. Spin the 4 triangular blocks so that the shapes and colours match on all 4 faces. One of three BRIO early learning 'books' that helps develop motor skills, colour and shape recognition and numeracy.

BRIO 30210 Ambulance 30210 | 30210
Sorry, we are out of stock

Wooden Ambulance with fixed driver and an opening door for interactive play! 1 Piece

BRIO 30304 Pull along Engine(damaged packaging was 16.90) 30304 | 1-2 years
Sorry, some items are out of stock

This item has been packed into the wrong box. Take this timeless Engine for a walk. Encourages early walking.
AGE:1+ years

BRIO 31356 Stove Black 31356 | 31356
Sorry, we are out of stock

BRIO Classic Wooden Play Stove encourages your child to investigate and experiment in the joys of cooking, but under safe conditions. Has an opening door, moving oven control and four large knobs to turn

BRIO 33097 Deluxe Railway Set in a Tub

With this 50 piece BRIO cargo railway deluxe train set, the freight and cargo world is almost complete. An action packed train world filled with mechanical and loading functions through the loader or rolling cranes. Transport the cargo on the battery powered freight train where the working headlight is showing the way! A must-have for any train lover! Let the imagination set the destination.

BRIO 33204 Parking Garage 33204 7 Pieces | 33204

Bring the world of rail and road toys together in this unique toy parking garage with multiple levels of fun! Drive to the top and park, take the chute down, fuel up on level 1 or place the car on the ramp on level 2, press the button and see how the car falls into place on the car transporter wagon below on the railway track. This is an educational wooden toy that connects to all railway and roadway in the BRIO system.

Art#: 33204

7 Pieces (1 x Parking Garage, 2 x Car, 1 x Trailer, 2 x Track, 1 x Track Connector)
AGE:3+ years

BRIO 33592 Mighty Red Action Locomotive 33592 | 33592

Eight wheeled locomotive featuring 3 chimney-shaped buttons that activate forward and backward motion; two headlights and the sound of an authentic steam locomotive. Automatic stop after 4 minutes of non-action. Will stop and go if used with BRIO Stop & Go track or station. Requires 2 x AAA batteries (not included).
Age 3+
Length: 13 cm

Please note that because of the electric motor components this product is not made of wood.

BRIO 33598 Crane Boat 33598 | 33598
Sorry, we are out of stock

This Container ship and Crane Wagon can deliver any cargo from over seas straight onto any of the Brio train wagons.
AGE: 3+years
L35 W6cm

BRIO 33726 My First Railway Starter Pack 33726 | 33726

An extended starter kit with 9 items included, 4 of which are track. The colourful engine and wagon with bell are just the thing for even the youngest engine drivers.

AGE:18+ months

BRIO 33727 My First Railway Beginner Pack 33727 | 33727

Lots of track which can make two layouts,up and over bridge- tunnel. The engine and spinning-wagon magnets connect in both directions.Perfect for even the youngest of toddlers to explore.Other items in this new range are available check the Ramp kit 33728,First Train 33729,Fun Park 33740 and more!!!

BRIO 33728 My First  Ramp Kit 33728 | 33728

Learning to fit it all together is a simple puzzle little ones will enjoy, then the ramp is good to go with the little bell wagon on the track. More My First Railway pieces available separately.
AGE:18+ months

BRIO 33729 My First Train 33729 | 33729

A very colourful train with 2 wagons to explore, just made for tiny hands,a good addition to the My First Beginner Set 33727 sold separately

AGE:18+ months

BRIO 33730 Roller Coaster Set 33730 | 33730

This roller coaster set adds a a whole new dimension to the wooden railway concept. Lift to the top and whoosh down the drop just like a roller coaster at the fair.
(check out the Ferris wheel 33739, and fun park play set 33740 all sold separately)
Age 3+ yrs

BRIO 33736 Grand Roundhouse 33736 | 33736

BRIO Grand Roundhouse includes turntable and back doors slide open for easy access,there are 5 doors to the front.
AGE 3+ years

BRIO 33744 Road Expansion Pack | 0

Two straight, Two curved and Two ramps, making a new extension to the rail network! It can all be connected with a road rail crossing (33207)sold separately.

BRIO Advanced Expansion Set 33307 | 33307

For expanding BRIO standard sets. Contains 11 selected track pieces. 2 short-curve switches; 1 cross track; 2 curved crossing tracks; a T switch; 2 ramps; 2 buffers and 1 mini track. All those parts needed to make a more unusual lay out 11 pieces.
AGE 3+years

BRIO Adventure Tunnel 33481 | 33481

An exciting tunnel with hidden hillside track. When the train travels through, four fun and exciting sounds are automatically activated for 5 seconds each. Sound effects can also be activated by pressing the button on top. Requires 2 x AA 1.5v batteries (included). Length 21.6 cm

BRIO Airplane Boarding Play Set 33306 | 33306

The Airplane Set includes, Airplane a Pilot and Passenger poseable figures,a rolling staircase and luggage.
A great accessory to 33301 Monorail Airport Set.

BRIO Ant with Rolling Egg 30367 | 30367

The classic wooden toy that loves to tag along. Ants are well known to be hard workers; and this queen-sized pull-along toy is no different. As it is pulled; the egg on her back twirls around; and her head and tail wag to and from. Age: 19m+

BRIO App Enabled Remote Control Engine 33863 | 33863

This app enabled engine is something extraordinary. Using your smartphone or tablet you can control the train remotely! You can turn on the lights, sirens, watch the fuel guage, then get travelling along the tracks! Simply install 2x AA batteries [not included], download the free app, pair the phone or tablet to the train and away you go. Compatible with Android [4.3 or higher] and IOS devices [8.3 or higher]. Smart devices are not included and require Bluetooth. Alternatively press the buttons on top of the train to get moving. Happy travels. Includes 1x Engine & Instructions. The item measures 10.4 x 3.6 x 5.1cm. Suitable for ages 3 Years and up. Manufactured to BRIO's high standards and from FSC Certified wood

BRIO Battery Powered Big Green Action Locomotive 33593 | 33593,Battery engine

Eight wheeled locomotive featuring 3 chimney-shaped buttons that activate forward and backward motion; two headlights and the sound of an authentic steam locomotive. Requires 2 x AAA batteries (not included).
Age 3+
Length: 13 cm

BRIO Battery Powered Green Engine 33595 | 33595

Classic Battery powered engine.Forward/reverse as well as headlight effects, powered by 1 x AAA battery (not included)
AGE:3+ years

BRIO Battery Travel Engine and Driver 33504 | 33504

This engine is a battery powered modern metro train and comes complete with a pose-able driver.
Age 3+

BRIO Battery-Operated Action Train 33319 | 33319

Battery operated train set with BRIO's popular two-way battery-powered engine. The coal wagon rocks and the cement wagon spins around as the engine pulls the train along! Train is connected by magnetic couplings. Engine requires 1 x AAA battery (not included)
Length 222 mm
Age 3+ years

BRIO Beginner Railway Set Expansion Pack 33401 | 33401

11 pieces Includes instructions for expansion ideas for Circle; Oval and Figure 8 Sets

BRIO Birthday Train 33818 | 33818

A very special Birthday train, with magnetic loads that can be lifted on and off contains 5 pieces.(Low level crane 33245 an tower crane 33320 available to buy separately)

AGE:2+ years

BRIO Builder 34586 Tool Box and Starter set 34586 | 34586

Great wood and plastic product. A child can build anything with a little imagination. A good starter set for the Brio Builder range. Carry around tool box
Teaches the use of tools (spanner and pliers)
Contains wheels and winding handle.
play pieces 48.
Age 3+

BRIO Builder 34587 Construction Set 34587

Components and tools to build all your own designs. hammer and screwdriver included.A good hand eye coordination practice set. 135 play pieces.
AGE:3+ years

Brio Builder Activity Set 34588

With these nuts, bolts, hammer, screwdriver and these ingenious components ideas become constructions.
211 pieces included
AGE 3+.

Brio Builder Creative Set 34589

This Creative Set of components and tools will fire the imagination.Set includes 270 pieces.
AGE:3+ years

BRIO BUILDER SYSTEM - Deluxe Space Set Builder 34567 | 34567
Sorry, we are out of stock

There are Space Rocket,capsule,loading crane, transport truck and helicopter all to build with this Delux Set. Wrench tool,pliers and instruction booklet included.
AGE5+ years

BRIO Bumble Bee 30165 | 30165

This bumble bee is the kind and gentle type. Pull it along to the sound of a buzzing hum! A pull along friend who will do anything to keep up with your pace; the faster you go the faster the wings spin. Age 12+ Months Product size 116 x 183 x 94mm

BRIO Car Transporter Blue 33577

Load up your car and let the train take the load along with your other carriages.

BRIO Cargo Battery Engine 33215 | 33215

BRIO Cargo Battery Engine creates hours of fun with its simple start/stop play feature.Just push the arrow on front hood to start/stop.1xAA battery(not included)
AGE3+ years
W 88mm

BRIO Cargo Harbour Set 33061 | 33061

The container ship sails across the water and arrives in the harbour with cargo. The battery operated train is waiting to get loaded with help from the multi-function crane. Slide open the boxcar doors and hide the cargo inside for safe delivery. As the ship leaves the harbour; do not forget to open up the bridge to allow it to pass by the tracks! Age 3+ Years Layout size 510 x 600mm

BRIO Central Fire Station 33833 | 33833

At the rescue fire station you have to be prepared for action. When the alarm goes off, go down the slide and get into the fire truck which is ready for action, with its' sirens blaring. We need to put the fire out quickly and safetly. Includes 1x Fire Station, 2x Firefighters, 1x Fire Engine, 1x Trailer, 1x Fire, 2x Cases. The item measures 27 x 18.8 x 23.6cm. Suitable for ages 3 years and up. Manufactured to BRIO's high standards and from FSC Certified wood. 2x LR44 Batteries included

BRIO City Road Set 33747 | 33747

The City Road Set has Two road loops connected to a roundabout,also included are a fuel station,car,figure and road sign.
AGE3+ years

BRIO Classic Figure 8 Set 33028 | 33028

The BRIO Classic figure of eight starter set for two year olds upwards with all the wooden details. Take the classic inspired engine out on an adventure along the tracks. Drop off passengers at the all-wooden station and continue along the tracks, clickety clack over the bridge and out into the woods.BRIO pays attention to every detail through the design process and has always been dedicated to creating products that add extra play value, encourage learning and develop fine motor skills.

BRIO Classic Freight Set 33010 | 33010

Lift and load! This rail and road loading set is packed with lots of play, including two trucks and a train pulling a crane wagon that can lift loads on and off the track. Take the rock loads off the train and load them onto the trucks for safe road transportation to the end destination.

BRIO Clever Crane Wagon | 33698

No matter what the goods are; the crane wagon gets the job done. Up or down; on or off; turn the crank and get the rock load from the wagon. Compatible with the BRIO wooden railway system. Age: 3+ Years.

BRIO Collapsing Bridge 33391 | 33391

Do you dare to pass your train over the BRIO collapsing bridge? This exciting bridge collapses at the touch of a button thanks to a clever built-in sensor. Luckily, it's quick and easy to put it back together, allowing you to brave the treacherous journey again and again. The BRIO collapsing bridge is made of durable beechwood and is compatible with BRIO wooden railway systems. Suitable for children aged three and above.

BRIO Construction Vehicles 33733 | 33733
Sorry, we are out of stock

A Road Mending set of 4 items, Cement lorry, a road roller,a road sign and a workman
AGE:3+ years

BRIO Curved Bridge 33699 | 33699

Let's be honest. A cool bridge makes a train journey more fun. Not to mention all the new layouts you can build going over and under the bridge. So here it is, a curved bridge with two elevated ascending tracks. includes 3x Track Pieces, 1x Bridge. The item measures 57.9 x 14.9 x 10.9cm. Suitable for ages 3 years and up. Manufactured to BRIO's high standards and from FSC Certified wood

BRIO Double Suspension Bridge 33683 | 33683

Over 1 metre of fun! The longest BRIO bridge in a new; play friendly design with wide integral bridge supports that can stand lots of rail traffic. Can be used as a dual carriageway with only one span. 2 ascending tracks supplied along with rack to hold the two bridge modules in place. Length 1134 mm Age 3+yrs

BRIO Duck (white) 30323 | 30323

Here's a duck that will follow you everywhere. A pull-along wooden playmate that nods its head; flaps its wings; and even gives a quack to let you know its still behind you. Age: 19 months +

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